The Pirate's Wife

Chapter 3 - page 01

Date Posted: July 1st, 2013, 8:13 am

Author Notes


Ahh <3 Kes look beautiful in that panel, I could stare at it all day.
He's so cute, i love this story
I love his curly whirly hair flip and his baby blues!

Its so cute that he would give up his Mummy time to patiently wait for his Daddy's company =D

I foresee that Itzak's yearning for his Froggy's attention may cause some interruption between Wesley & Kes kissy time when Wesley returns XD
typo hang the laundry

also: is The Pirate's Wife somewhere in the internets in Italian?
thanks I will fix that later :D

I haven't had the chance to translate it in Italian yet T_T
I wanted to so many times.

But I am also running out of time to do The Pirate Balthasar recently... cannot wait for vacation to catch up a bit.
Absence and less fun makes the heart grow fonder? ;D
It's good the have TPW back <3. Thank you for carving some time for it in spite of your crazy schedule Deda.