The Pirate's Wife

Chapter 2 - page 8

Date Posted: December 17th, 2012, 6:08 am

Author Notes


hahahaha Oh man this is so funny, I was not expecting the last panel dialogue.
XD LAMO! wash his wiwiz too, double standard XD HHAHA
Oh my Gosh this kid.
Omigerd I love itzak's face in the second to last panel!
BAHAHAHAH "wash his too", but Wes would like it
@Arideeayy: And i dont think that would be appropriate for little Itzak to see. LOL
@Hisuikirei: good thing Kes was smart enough to figure that much out, LOOOOL.
Hehe, hope there will be an update of Itzak soon again, but no pressure. ;3

6th panel: you sounds -> you sound.