The Pirate's Wife

Itzak is coming

Date Posted: June 16th, 2012, 7:23 pm

Author Notes


Coming soon! (July 1st)
The description is just too cuuute.
Hi guys, thanks for following me here too! :D
:D Haha, that's a great presentation of Itzak... I wonder for whom he is spawn of the Devil. xD
Oh, thou Little Lord of my pirate universe <3333
@dedasaur: keep writting stories like these, and I'll follow you to the moon. I've already Fav both for the new stories.
Great work! I already love the little guy! ^^
*SQUEE* Itzak is sooooo adorable! And he is the perfect combination of Wes and Kes! >_<

Especially with his Shallallah backups!